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Promises, Promises

• Eight years, no new senior center. For the last eight years you’ve been promised one. Promised again!

• Six years, no communication tower turned on in Springs. No cell service, no service for our first responders. No public safety.

• Environment: Protect it at all costs. Not to destroy the gift we’ve been given. Preserve this area for the generations still yet to come.

• Truck Beach: Lost a beachfront and hurt our fishing industry. Eminent domain proceedings should have been done immediately.

• Four years, a road and emergency access blocked.

• No enforcement of town codes or laws.

• Small and local businesses being lost. No relief.

• Wastewater contamination/water quality: an increase of 40 percent in the population.

• Erosion: Hardened (static) structures are being “memorialized.” Structures that cause erosion to accelerate 50 years faster than naturally.

• Beautification: A vast landscape of woodlands being destroyed as our “Bob the Builder” supervisor lets building happen anywhere. Even in flood zones.

• Codes and zoning: Need to have an effective overhaul.

• Representation: Each area of town needs one representative. Every area needs to be heard.

• Ethics: What ethics? Different rules for the elected. They work for us. All of us.

• Town employees: 30 percent underpaid, compared to surrounding towns.

• Airport: Class C, keep Federal Aviation Administration status — you hold the times of operation. Everyone who comes in and out is known to you. Full control. Everyone gets all the things they’ve asked for.

• Harbors, bays, oceans: No more neglect. Our town has a template in the archives on how to take care of these issues. Read the books, know our history.

• History: Hold on to the past as we make a new, better, brighter future.

For almost a decade, you have been made promises each election cycle that haven’t been kept. Every one of the other candidates tells you of a vast array of jobs they have held. Do you want more jacks of all trades, masters of none?

November 2, vote for your distinguished businessman for supervisor in Ken Walles. The knowledge of an educator for councilman in George Aman. The no-nonsense, blue-collar worker for councilman in Joe Karpinski. Three individuals who have banded together to right our ship.

• Protecting our beaches.

• Beach access.

• Public safety.

• Enforcement of the town laws and codes (not enforcement for some and not all).

• Protecting our rights (government is not the granter, it’s the protector).

• To work with our environment while protecting everything we hold dear to preserve it for the generations to come.

Joe Karpinski


Mr. Karpinski is a candidate for East Hampton Town Board — Ed.