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Proper Perspective

I greatly appreciated the column in this past week’s edition titled “In Another World” by Anthony Brandt [Out Of Left Field, Opinion, November 25], in which he lays bare the insanity of certain folks denying in social media the obvious truth of the miracle of the COVID-19 vaccine, thereby putting the lives of others unnecessarily at risk.

Like Mr. Brandt, I too am of a certain age where the very real threat of polio was the No. 1 concern of my childhood, and to this day, although I have been fortunate over the years to have rubbed shoulders briefly with a few of the giants of the 20th century — President John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jackie, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Neil Armstrong, to name just a few — the warmest spot in my heart is reserved for a friendship I developed as a 15-year-old teenager in charge of the ninth hole refreshment stand at the Westhampton Country Club.

It was the summer of 1957, and longtime club member and chairman of the Polio Foundation March of Dimes, Basil O’Connor, invited none other than Dr. Jonas Salk to be his houseguest and daily golfing partner. Needless to say, just seeing Dr. Salk in person was the thrill of a lifetime, as was handing him a drink: Apple juice was his choice of beverage.

However, I soon discovered something I never expected: a quiet and modest man genuinely interested in my plans for the future.

Bottom line, Dr. Salk was properly and universally treated as a hero in those days, and the men and women who work tirelessly today to save lives should also receive that same respect and admiration, not ridicule and abuse.

George Motz


Motz is the former mayor of the Village of Quogue — Ed.


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