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Protect Neighborhood

I live in Hampton West Estates, which is located in Westhampton, adjacent to the U.S. Coast Guard housing, and have for over 30 years. I have been a member of the Hampton West Residents’ Association for over 20 years, and currently I am past president.

We have worked diligently on our neighborhood for years to stabilize our community from absentee landlords, a lack of town code enforcement, overcrowded homes, more than our share of Section 8 housing, overbooked park usage, etc.

It is now my understanding that the Coast Guard is planning to sell 26 homes. We need help to ensure that the sale of these homes is done in a sustainable manner, so that this does not do anything to drag our community down.

I would like to make the following suggestions:

• The sales are handled by a local real estate broker rather than an online bidding auction.

• The homes are sold individually, not in groups of two or more.

• The buyers are required to live in the homes for 10 years.

• The Town of Southampton Community Housing Authority, or any other similar organization, is not allowed in any way to purchase any of these properties.

We need help from our public officials to protect our neighborhood from the sale of the Coast Guard homes.

Sharon Frost