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Put On Your Mask

Yes, I do not like getting my teeth cleaned — it feels invasive. I’d rather sit in the dental chair than lose a tooth.

Sunscreens make my skin feel sticky. They are scientifically proven to reduce skin cancer.

Who likes to wear a mask? I feel like I can’t breathe well in them. So, I live with a bit of discomfort for a lifetime of prevention.

This choice has an ironic twist. If I wear my mask, I protect myself and everyone in my life. Being hindered by my mask for short lengths of time allows me to protect “our” lungs and breathe for the rest of “our” lives.

The “we” counts for my favorite person who checks out my food in the supermarket, the young man who pumps my gas, my nurse who checks my blood pressure — and, yes, you.

If my mask is uncomfortable, or makes me annoyed, what should I do? I choose to be uncomfortable and annoyed. This is just like when I was a kid and I had to get awkwardly dressed up for a holiday.

Wearing the mask prevents COVID-19 for you and me. As an American, we stand for our freedoms. As an adult, I do have a moral responsibility to stand up for each and every person in my life. The irony is that you will have no freedom if I get you sick.

Our leaders should wear masks for our health, too. They take away our freedom when they are not good examples of being national caregivers.

Why has the lack of a mask become a symbol of a political party? Zeldin and Trump both actively show that doing possible harm to others and not listening to science is a logical choice for them.

If for no other reason, vote for Nancy Goroff because she wears a mask. She will be a strong caregiver for health care, climate, affordability and COVID-19. She is science, and she proud to wear (an uncomfortable and annoying) mask for all of us.

Elizabeth Plate



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