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Put Sign Back

We are writing to the editor because The Southampton Press did not consider it newsworthy to publish it, but we think all our neighbors should know.

In 2020, we posted a “Thank You, Heroes” sign on the corner of Ridge Road and Montauk Highway, so our health care workers, police and all those who were risking their lives during this pandemic would know we really do care.

A few months later, after a storm, it must have fallen, because we saw it back on the tree but in a slightly different location. Thank you to whoever it was who put it back.

In early 2022, we removed the sign to fix some of the fading paint. Once again, it looked like new.

Approximately a month ago, it disappeared. Some degenerate felt the need to steal the sign for whatever reason, we will never know. Who would do such a dastardly thing?

We wanted everyone to know that there are people who appreciate other people, and there are others, living among us, who are not so very nice.

Whoever you are, put the sign back so we may continue to honor and pay respect to those who keep putting themselves in harm’s way to keep us healthy and safe.

Meg and Bob Zack