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Questionable Timeline

Since the “repugnant” contract wording story was published [“‘Regrettable’ Contract Passage Seeks To Discredit Opponents of Hampton Bays Overlay District,”, August 24], the following has occurred:

• A September 1 article, “Southampton Town Board Considers Pilot Traffic Program; Schneiderman Floats Idea Of Toll For Out-Of-Towners,” referencing problematic traffic areas along County Road 39 to address, including Tuckahoe Road, Magee Street, Sandy Hollow Road and North Main Street.

• Nelson Pope Voorhis voluntarily removed themselves from the (Hampton Bays) contract [“Consultant Withdraws From Hampton Bays Overlay District Project Following ‘Crucial Oversight’ of Language in Contract,”, September 6].

• A September 12 posting on the town website advises that the September 13 Liberty Gardens affordable housing proposal on County Road 39 has been adjourned (at the request of the petitioner) until October 25.

• Sag Harbor Village Mayor Jim Larocca advises the same firm, NPV, that it would no longer represent the village in the environmental review of their affordable housing project [“Nelson Pope Voorhis Will Not Review Potter Affordable Housing Proposal in Sag Harbor,”, September 13].

• In the article “Q&A: Jay Schneiderman Talks About Hampton Bays and How the Conversation Will Go From Here” [, September 12], the supervisor twice refers to the “repugnant language” that appeared in the contract/consulting agreement as words separate and unto themselves, further distancing the words in the contract from any person or people who could possibly have written, thought, discussed or otherwise considered including such wording.

Residents and business owners of Tuckahoe who use County Road 39 every day are concerned of overdevelopment on this road because County Road 39 is unsafe. Traffic is heavier, speeds are excessive, and there is virtually no speed limit enforcement, resulting in an increasing number of accidents and hours of shutdown time, not to mention personal injury and suffering.

Safe travel on County Road 39 with improved traffic flow should be a priority. How does changing zoning to allow for increased development on this dangerous road make sense?

How does keeping NPV and their draft environmental impact statement on the Liberty development project make sense? Or delaying the public hearing until the week before the November elections?

Considered local citizens did show up at the September 13 meeting to voice their concerns, as the postponement had only been posted the previous day on the town website. The petitioner wasn’t there, and while it is said he postponed it because concerned citizens in opposition to his development wanted an evening meeting so more people could participate, was the petitioner being magnanimous, or was this an opportunity to put time between the repugnant debacle in the current local news cycle and the public hearing? Maybe the new public hearing date allows just enough time to vote for approval of the development before the supervisor’s term ends at the end of the year?

Regardless, the constituents have valid concerns regarding this 60-unit development with access only onto County Road 39, and they have a right to be heard.

Linda Ashcraft

Shinnecock Hills