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Raise Your Voice

Sitting in my home three weeks ago, I had on my television. I was shocked, furious, upset — in short, outraged — when I saw on Channel 12 News a segment on a dog-fighting ring. The segment showed the horrors of this illegal activity.

They then listed the towns where the leaders of the ring had been arrested — Hampton Bays being one [“Hampton Bays Man Arrested, Charged In Dog Fighting Ring,” 27east.com, August 9].

As a 48-year resident of Hampton Bays, I was truly sad.

I am an animal lover and also a 13-year volunteer at the animal shelter located in Red Creek Park in Hampton Bays. I have seen many pitbull terriers come in unloved, physically very ill, underweight and with a heart full of fear. After rehabilitation by staff, trainers and volunteers, a wonderful dog often emerges, ready to accept love and give it back.

Despite what they endured, they forgive — I don’t know if I could. We are all so happy, sometimes crying tears of joy, when we see them walk out the front door with a new human friend, going off to their “fur-ever” home.

You can read the articles on this horrible dog fighting ring in back issues of Newsday, this paper and other local papers. These articles enumerate the tortures these animals suffer. They show pictures of dogs being carried out by ASPCA officials; pictures were shown of the torture articles used to kill dogs not deemed ready to fight, some as young as 6 months old. Note: They are poisoned or electrocuted, all in the name of money.

The so-called human being arrested in Hampton Bays for breeding, “training” and failure to provide proper sustenance has an upcoming court date in September.

Please contact your local officials regarding changes that need to be made pertaining to dog fighting.

Any charge regarding this horrific, inhumane activity should carry felony charges, not any misdemeanors. I feel the only way bad things can be stopped is if concerned individuals intervene, advocate for that change and loudly declare, “We will not stand for this!”

Please, all local animal lovers, raise your voices now. The animals need us to stop this, and the perpetrators need to legally suffer as the dogs they tortured have.

Lorry T. Werner

Hampton Bays