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Rambling Pilot

Reading the Neanderthal rambling from a pilot who lives in Virginia, that East Hampton Airport should accept Federal Aviation Administration grants [“Runway To Anywhere,” Letters, October 7] is a fast runway to a “ready-shoot-aim” mentality of a self-serving scant minority. A “symphony of benefits for the community”? Such as the poisoned drinking water that Wainscot residents were consuming for years, with the heaviest concentration coming from the airport?

His $12 million impact has been proven to be a lie. He obliviously avoided the barrels of unidentified petrochemical compounds that leaked into the ground and were found in the test wells, one of which was paved over. Does he even know what a test well is?

Maybe he should read the 2010-2020 study of the Reid-Hillview Airport, San Jose, California, of 21 schools in close proximity, just like here, where 17,000 children had dangerous levels of lead in their bloodstreams. One such school here is on Industrial Road, just east of runway 34.

Of course, these Lindbergh wannabes should review New York State Penal Law Section 120, reckless endangerment, when they deliberately fly at low altitudes — their altimeter proves they intentionally and knowingly continue this dangerous flying. Maybe more should be arrested, like the moron who buzzed Sag Harbor Village. Did not the FAA admit there is a blind spot that affects the seasonal tower here?

Since the deepest part of the federally designated sole-source aquifer lies beneath the airport, he should read the Clean Water Act, which prohibits federal funds for any project that may imperil the aquifer. His pollution machines do exactly that.

Environmental analysis commissioned by the town revealed that 6 percent of the town’s harmful emissions are produced by 1 percent of the population. He insists that the airport be maintained for their convenience. Aircraft using the airport emit 51.5 million pounds of carbon per year. Their pilots’ pledge is pure B.S. The mere fact that pumping a million gallons of fuel annually has no impact? Yet not one cent enters the town’s coffers.

Since land-locked airports do not belong in land-locked communities, it needs to be closed.

Arthur French