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Rare And Priceless

Southampton Town is now considering what would be a very wise use of our Community Preservation Fund. A 4-acre, mostly wooded property, owned by the Magidoff family, has 700 feet of frontage on Ligonee Creek, in addition to bridging two established parks. It also is adjacent to a principal access trail to the Long Pond Greenbelt.

Ligonee Creek is a gem for our area, ecologically, recreationally and historically. Protection of our American eel and alewife seasonal migration is of great concern to our local naturalists. Rightly so, for this ancient passage is a fundamental element of the food chain of the greenbelt and its countless species. Ligonee Creek is a crucial link in our wetland system and must be protected.

Purchase of the Magidoff acreage provides a fortuitous and exciting opportunity to help preserve these vital wetlands. Property like this is now a rare and priceless resource for future generations and for the overall integrity of Long Pond Greenbelt ecosystems. The biodiversity of the greenbelt is a treasure we may often take for granted, but we must not, lest it be destroyed as has been the case in so many other fragile areas.

We know that rare plants and animals exist in a precarious state within the Long Pond Greenbelt. Additionally, large woodlands and wetlands are necessary to host the raptors that require significant acreage in order to nest and raise young, such as our bald eagles and great horned owls. Each parcel we can add enhances their ability to survive, in the midst of the numerous dangers they face each day.

Purchase of the Magidoff property would be a very wise, forward-thinking and extremely effective use of CPF funds. Please call our Southampton Town Board members and urge them to vote yes for this important acquisition. Thank you very much.

Mary Ann Mulvihill-Decker

Sag Harbor


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