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Read Before Writing

The late Senator Patrick Moynihan said: “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” John MacWhinnie thinks selling beer and wine at Coopers Beach is “A Bad Idea” [Letters, July 16]. Okay, that is his opinion, and he has every right to it — but he should make at least a stab at getting the facts right before he starts distorting them to launch a personal attack.

If he had even read the article [“Village Board Considers Beer And Wine Sales At Coopers Beach in Southampton,”, June 15], he would have seen that the proposal did not come from me, as he says, but from the Village Board, which held a public hearing on the issue on June 23. Even though he lives in Water Mill, he could have gone to that public hearing and his views would have been listened to.

If he even tried to find out what the facts were before he went off the deep end at me, he would have learned that both Trustees Richard Yastrzemski and Mark Parash were very much in favor of selling alcohol at the beach, as they do on “family beaches” in Westhampton and Hampton Bays. Mr. Yastrzemski is quoted as saying that the Village Board had discussed it during past administrations.

Instead, Mr. MacWhinnie accuses me of insanity and sneers at my running for office by saying, “Have you considered another ambition apart from village trustee?” I assume that applies to other trustees who are entertaining this proposal as well.

A quick look at my stated reasons for running shows that one is to encourage an open and civil exchange of ideas. Mr. MacWhinnie should make that his ambition, along with reading before writing.

Joseph R. McLoughlin

Southampton Village

Mr. McLoughlin is a candidate for Southampton Village trustee — Ed.


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