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Real Solutions Needed

Housing on the South Fork is at critical mass. The price of homes has outpaced the affordability of our local working families, and year-round rentals are expensive, far and few between.

Many families unable to find year-round rentals, only have to settle for winter rentals. Then, every summer, there are stories of families moving in with parents to live in their childhood bedrooms, impromptu basement or garage apartments and campers at their parents’ homes.

Now come plans by Governor Kathy Hochul, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, and Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone to house migrants here in Suffolk County [“New York City Mayor’s Pitch To Ship Migrants to Gabreski Airport Nixed by Governor,”, August 30]. On the South Fork, Gabreski Airport, Stony Brook Southampton College and the former Child Development Center of the Hamptons were all mentioned. Thank goodness the Suffolk County Legislature stepped in to protect Suffolk County residents.

Before we wonder about vaccinations, criminal backgrounds, or funding for public services and schools, it is disingenuous to support migrant relocation while claiming one cares about the lack of housing for our residents. We must refrain from engaging in policies that will create greater pressure on our diminishing housing stock.

It seems inconceivable that our elected officials cannot figure out our local housing problems but can instantly create housing for several hundred to thousands or more migrants.

As a community, we are not without compassion. Over the past several months, I have heard many of you loud and clear and agree with you. The South Fork cannot accommodate the added stress of several hundred to a thousand or more migrants.

I support the Suffolk County Legislature and will oppose any attempt to open Gabreski Airport, the college, CDCH or any other location on the South Fork to migrant housing. One of my first acts as county legislator will be to commission a panel of experts to find real solutions to housing for local families.

I want to hear from you about this topic and others that concern you. Please feel free to call or text 631-324-0528, or email

On November 7, vote for Manny Vilar, county legislator.

Manny Vilar