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Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 2009198

Reason To Hope

I have really enjoyed seeing the yellow Hope balloons all over the Village of Southampton in the past few weeks. Importantly, this week in our country there were finally a few events that really did give me reason to hope.

First was that the people of Kansas resoundingly voted that they do not wish to ban abortion. Finally, this decision was put in the hands of average Americans, and they spoke. Recently, only judges and legislators have been the ones making those life-altering decisions.

Then there was the trial of Alex Jones, where the jury, speaking for average Americans, resoundingly said they refused to tolerate disgusting lies that harm others. They punished Alex Jones financially, and there, hopefully, will be further negative legal consequences for him.

Yes, hope. I really do hope this trend continues. We cannot afford to have people with platforms that are larger than the average American make decisions that intimately affect us and our loved ones.

That is why our votes are so important. It levels the playing field. That’s why our participation in government is so important. It gives the average American a platform.

Please, please vote in every and any election where you are legally eligible. Please, let’s continue to hope — and I really do hope those balloons stay up indefinitely.

Paula Angelone, Ph.D.

Southampton Village