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Reliving the Memories

As a very long-term summer resident of Hampton Bays (75 years), I have watched patiently as progress slowly comes to our hamlet. As an owner of a National Register property at my winter digs, I was excited by the prospect of having a professional restoration of the Canoe Place Inn when it was first announced.

Now that the work is done, we need to support their success or watch it decline yet again. I would like to share our recent experience with your readers in hopes that they will find ways to support our new Hampton Bays destination.

My family was interested in gathering for a reunion to commemorate the passing of a beloved aunt last winter — the last of her generation, who made 99 and a half years. We decided to broaden the theme to include her brothers and sisters and their spouses (generation one), which meant the base of the pyramid was over 90 people (not counting infants).

As our family has been longtime summer residents of Hampton Bays, generation one, during the 1930s, enjoyed the fancy dining and dancing that the Canoe Place Inn was known for at that time. So we watched carefully as the long project to restore this landmark proceeded slowly through all the requisite stages.

Earlier this year, we decided they would be ready for a fall reunion, so we booked the event space.

Last weekend, we welcomed 90-plus relatives, plus a few close local friends, to this celebration at the CPI. The result was far beyond expectations, and when one considers that they are still working out the bugs with a brand new facility and staff, the execution was miraculous. The food was delicious and plentiful, the rooms lovely, and the staff polite and attentive to every need. I cannot imagine a single element of the evening that could be improved.

Needless to say, all who attended were blown away by the evening. We (the organizers) received effusive thanks and appreciation from all who attended. When they left at the end of the weekend, most were flying, as I was, about 3 feet off the ground. Thanks to all who made this happen.

By the time you read this, I will be back in my winter home, 2,500 miles west. But I will pass the CPI every summer when I return to Hampton Bays with fond thoughts of that evening and the part they played so well.

Bill Reilly

Hampton Bays