Respect The Eagles - 27 East


Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 1954134

Respect The Eagles

I was worried the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act wouldn’t be adhered to. It certainly wasn’t, as Wainscott Stone Road was dug up over the last several months with trees lining the streets with ribbons and signs around them, “Respect Our Trees.” Why not the eagles that have been within 600 feet of the road for years?

Eagles were flying all around the area throughout January and February. I was pleased a few weeks ago to see the mated pair still here. Back again.

I had hoped when I contacted all government entities involved with the wind farm project, this would bring about a bigger review. Especially a new review from Fish and Wildlife. Why not more environmental review? All I ever asked was to know where additional nests may be located.

Alas, that’s not the strong suit of most of the projects conducted in our area, and the Town of East Hampton elected officials needed the drop in the bucket initial payment.

Until next time, still here.

Joe Karpinski