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Respect The Heroism

I read an oafish denunciation of Phil Keith and his column and found myself obligated to write about it. The writer of that letter [“Give It A Rest,” Letters, July 16] proclaimed himself to be a true conservative, and from his self-erected pedestal he determined that Phil Keith was not as good.

I know Phil Keith and I like him. He’s better than that.

One of many nice things about being American is that you get to define yourself. No leftover inquisitor can say that you are not what or who you say you are.

Phil Keith had a stellar career in the U.S. Navy. He is far too circumspect to talk about his service, but if one takes a few moments, one will see he is a highly decorated veteran.

In the military and in fire, police and EMT organizations there is heroism in every minute of every day. Only the most extraordinary examples are recognized.

In these divisive times, we should all respect the heroism in the people around us. It should be the foundation of a decent nation.

Bruce C. Doscher

Hampton Bays


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