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Restoring Beach

Long Beach (Foster Memorial Beach) is Noyac/Sag Harbor’s prize and one of the most cherished recreational areas. It is a special place for sunset viewing, water recreation, walking and enjoying the fresh air. It is one of the most popular beaches in the Town of Southampton.

The Noyac Civic Council is proud to announce that an initial project to restore the natural environment at Long Beach will take place on Saturday, April 2, from 10 a.m. to noon.

The town has partnered with marine environment experts from Cornell Cooperative Extension to educate volunteers as to why certain native shrubs, trees and grasses are used to protect the shoreline, and how to plant them. A small section of the beach around the Memorial Rock will be planted with native species as a first step in restoring Long Beach and making the environment sustainable.

Volunteers may preregister at: The Cooperative Extension will bring tools and the plants for 25 volunteers. Observers are welcome to attend also.

The Noyac Civic Council wants to thank the town and Director of Parks and Recreation Kristen Doulos for initiating this noteworthy restoration project.

The Noyac Civic Council would like the town to develop a comprehensive plan to make the entire one-mile stretch of Long Beach sustainable for generations to come.

The council proposes that a long-term plan includes continuing to plant native plants and shrubbery to provide resilience against storm erosion and pollution, reworking the piles of sand along the east side and north end, installing better signage, establishing a walking path along the gate at the south end of the parking lot, improving the bathhouses and sanitary conditions, and creating a course/workout stations with mile markers for an exercise trail and path. Our entire Long Beach Restoration plan may be found on our website

The Noyac Civic Council thanks Southampton Town for its stewardship in restoring Foster Memorial Beach and looks forward to continuing our partnership in this worthwhile endeavor.

Elena Loreto


Noyac Civic Council