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On behalf of my daughter Lynne Jones and the other Main Street merchants, I’d like to thank The Press for the recent article about Main Street, “It’s Not Closed”[“Main Street: ‘It’s Not Closed,’” October 3]. I hope readers will support them during this long village project.

In your editorial about politics or principle [“A Choice To Make,” Editorial, October 3], concerning the next election choice, it was strictly your biased opinion. Polls indicate 85 percent of journalists are registered Democrats and 92 percent of college professors are liberals.

Thus polls, the major media and screaming youngsters indicated Trump would be soundly defeated in 2016. I wished that Hillary would not win and drag our nation further down to a third rate country, as President Obama had. He hated our country, our flag, our national anthem and our military.

Hillary destroyed her husband’s accusers, thousands of pieces of subpoenaed evidence, and grossly violated Top Secret regulations. But the American “silent majority,” (who never get polled), spoke up and, surprisingly, despite all the anti-Trump press and media barrage, he miraculously won.

You Democrats lost! Get over your, “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” Don’t be angry childish sore losers, wasting millions of taxpayer dollars trying to get rid of him. First they said Trump “manufactured” a crisis on our border, and his wall was “immoral,” apparently forgetting that during Obama’s presidency a wall had been built supported by both senators Pelosi and Schumer. Then they tried “Russian collusion,” but forgot that Hillary sent people to Russia to get dirt on Trump. Next it was , “obstruction of justice,” and now they are trying impeachment. Trump has brought our economy to the lowest unemployment rate in over 50 years.

Recently, Michael Goodwin, a journalist, wrote about starting his career at the New York Times when the executive editor was Abe Rosenthal, who had an iron-clad rule against reporter’s opinions in news stories, which made the Times our nation’s most trusted newspaper. It’s motto was, “All the news that’s fit to print.” In those days, liberals believed in hearing both sides of an issue. Today, under Executive Editor Dean Baquet, the new the motto should be, “All the news that fits the agenda,” which mandates anti-Trump news.

Newspapers should give us both sides of political issues, so we can make reasonable choices. I rest my case.

Peter W. CuthbertEast MorichesMr. Cuthbert is a Korean War veteran and retired history teacher—Ed.


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