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Risks and Benefits

The recent Letters to the Editor decrying the development plans proposed for the Bel-Aire Cove Motel site are not to be ignored. They present strong arguments as to why the two proposals under consideration are wholly inappropriate for the site.

However, while a park is suggested as a potential third option, it too has significant downsides.

For one, the installation of a park would result in a decrease in tax revenue for the school district, as well as saddle Hampton Bays taxpayers with the ongoing cost of maintaining the park. Additionally, there is a risk that the park could become a parking lot or a hangout spot for bar patrons, which likely would anger the neighboring community.

To address these concerns, a compromise solution should be considered. The Bel-Aire Cove lot is zoned residential, and it can be easily divided into three single-family home lots. Single-family homes are typically preferred by neighbors, and these waterfront lots would generate significant tax revenue for the Hampton Bays School District.

There are other benefits to this option as well, which should be compared to the benefits and risks of the other options in public meetings. By doing so, an informed decision can be made that is truly in the best interest of the community.

Anthony DePalma

Hampton Bays