Roadside Distraction - 27 East


Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 2009173

Roadside Distraction

Today, I registered a complaint with the Quogue Village Police Department, which then forwarded it to the Suffolk County Department of Public Works.

There is a roadside memorial that spans at least 12 feet in Quogue at the sharp curve near Quogue Street and Montauk Highway. It should be removed, because it is a distraction to drivers on this dangerous curve.

Today, I was almost in a head-on collision. I was heading east, and there was a driver heading west. I am a defensive driver who always anticipates what other drivers might do. As we both were approaching each other, I saw his head turned to his right, looking at this roadside memorial on the south side of the road.

He came within one second of maybe killing both himself and me.

I would want all roadside memorials removed. I am empathetic to each one of these tragic losses of life, but due to them being a major distraction — taking one’s eyes off the road — eventually they will cause another death.

Joseph Chiarello

Hampton Bays