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Role Models

We are writing to show our unwavering support for Board of Education candidates Grainne Coen and Ronald Reed, two devoted, competent and active pillars of our beloved Sag Harbor community. We enthusiastically encourage residents to cast their votes for them on May 17 at Pierson High School.

My husband and I have known Grainne Coen for 20 years and believe she would be a tremendous asset to the school and local community. She would not only bring years of professional experience from an impressive range of fields, from finance to retail, but she is an extremely open-minded and collaborative person who has always been effective at bringing a wide range of people together to achieve positive results for all.

Grainne and her lovely husband, Rory McEvoy (whom we’ve also known for years), have two sons, and they are in Sag Harbor Elementary School with our son. They live nearby, and not a day goes by, it seems, when she is not doing something for someone in the community, from helping raise funds for a neighbor in need to bringing crowds to support a local artist.

I really can’t say enough good things about Grainne. She is, hands down, one of the most impressive, reliable, devoted and responsible people we know. She is also level-headed, considerate and good-humored.

To me, she really is a role model for others to aspire to as a mother, a wife, a friend and community advocate. Without a doubt, we would choose Grainne Coen for our Board of Education.

We also support fellow local parent Ronald Reed for the write-in ballot. You have probably seen Ron around smiling and walking his two children to school in the mornings with their two dogs. During the pandemic, he often invited our son to play on his front lawn with his kids or build snow forts. He is an upstanding citizen who also serves on the Village Planning Board and he has experience working effectively with the community.

He and his wife, Patricia Reed, are always finding ways to give back to the community, too. They go to great lengths to make the store Matriark a beacon of sheer delight for all to enjoy. They give back to the community in more ways than I can count, from helping women-owned and local business owners get a fair start to supporting numerous charities around town.

Ronald is a businessman, artist and architect, but, most of all, a person of integrity and good judgment. We believe he would offer relevant experience and a balanced perspective to the board and be a valuable asset.

Heidi and Andrew Komaromi

Sag Harbor