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Rowdy Style

This needs to be said: It is the heart of East Quogue. The most important reason to keep Spinney Hills just as it is meant to be: sacred, enjoyed and protected.

Our town is severed; the sided majorities are newer residents versus older residents. The newer residents, labeling themselves “young families,” frequently speak of this development proposal creating community and togetherness.

I’m sorry, but by East Quogue standards, you don’t know the meaning of the word.

I am not trying to belittle anyone. No town has what East Quogue has — and that is Spinney Hills. It’s who we are, it’s who I am. I fear this is something you and your children will never get to be a part of, a community in which just saying you are from East Quogue invokes a connection that other towns have never understood.

I, myself, learned to drive a standard transmission at age 8, waving to my older brother as I drove past, giggling at his annoyance because he could not keep the 4-Runner from stalling out. Learned to shoot with my brother’s first pellet gun. We all enjoyed dirt bikes, ATVs, minibikes, and going four-by-fouring was a family event.

We experienced the 1995 wildfires from Bunker Hill, a perspective that is indescribable. Every winter, we had Toboggan Run, a sledding slope that would make ski resorts jealous. The happiness, and endless recreation that Spinney Hills provided — this is something the young families will never get to take part in.

The community is celebrating the Fourth of July surrounded by 100 townspeople, roaring fires, recreational vehicles, music, industrial-sized garbage bins filled with ice and refreshments, laughter, food, tents and the best view in the house to see every town’s fireworks display.

Do you know what it’s like to bond with 30 to 50 kids? Spending summers living in a place where we could just let loose and be kids, be rowdy? Parents knew we were safe and exactly where we were. And we were checked in on by whatever officer was on duty.

Children in the woods, with fire and two-wheeled speed machines. We learned to depend on each other. Jumping plateaus, learning the real meaning of the famous last words, “Hey, watch this!”

No other town has a Spinney Hills. No other town gets to experience the rite of passage — being christened an “East Quogue rowdy.” Generations of rowdies were born in those hills. Our hills.

We want you to be a part of the community that has a pride for this town that makes us want to fight for each other, East Quogue rowdy style.

Meghan McDonough

East Quogue