Ruining the Area - 27 East


Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 2204328

Ruining the Area reported that Greg Konner is proposing a cannabis dispensary to be located at the current Carvel in Bridgehampton [“Owner of Bridgehampton Carvel Building Eyes Cannabis Dispensary for Site,”, September 20].

Shame on you and your family, Greg Konner! Honestly, is money all anyone thinks about these days? You are purposefully trying to violate the place where you live.

How can you possibly think this is a good idea? Do we not already have way too much traffic? We are already overrun with people who are chipping away at our quality of life. People like you are ruining this area. And, by the way, in trying to get this ridiculous idea passed, you will ultimately be taking away the reason why those who bought houses here did so — whoops — and there will go your customers. They don’t want this here in their town either.

Please, Southampton Town Board, do not allow the Konners or anyone else to take away what’s left of our quiet town by allowing this special exemption permit.

Eva Auchincloss Petersen