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Safe, Solvent and Peaceful

Deputy Mayor Gina Arresta and Trustee Len Zinnanti stopped by my home recently asking for my support and vote, which was not unexpected since village elections are just around the corner.

I’ve found Gina to be very knowledgeable and responsive to neighborhood issues and accessible whether at Village Hall or when we bump into each other on Gin Lane while I’m running west and Gina is heading east.

I found Len, who seems reserved during the board meetings, personable, concerned, and a very smart financial guy, something the village can benefit from.

They are running together on the Experience & Integrity Party ticket to continue the often thankless job of village trustees, and I believe we should support their endeavor to continue as stewards serving the residents and keeping our village safe, solvent and peaceful.

Don’t forget to vote this June 21.

Jay Fitzpatrick

Southampton Village