Sag Harbor Community Notes, February 11 - 27 East

Sag Harbor Community Notes, February 11

authorStaff Writer on Feb 9, 2016
A symposium on East End African-American burying grounds sponsored by the Eastville Community Historical Society and the Sylvester Manor Educational Farm will be held at Bay Street Theater on Sunday,... more

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June Gold

The rain finally came at night. Sagaponack always has some level of moisture, but the dirt is late July dry, and so what little fell, about a half inch, came as perfectly timed relief. Normally a sound to sleep by, the gentle patter that sifted onto the porch and rooftop kept the grateful farmers awake. The showers rose and fell in amplitude, and when it would quit, as it did in interludes, the needful farmer might reach, feeling even his heart, to pull the rain back. A singular flash of lightning, the very far thunder. Little storms that are gone ... 22 Jun 2021 by Marilee Foster

Southampton SEEN, June 24

Summer has barely started, but by the look of things on the sidewalks, in restaurants ... by My27east

Are We Back?

COVID-19 has taken a substantial toll in Suffolk County. As of last week, exactly 4,000 people have died from the disease since it appeared last year, according to the county’s Department of Health Services. The number of “reported” COVID-19 cases in Suffolk County, says the department, has been 201,070. Meanwhile, some “57.6 percent of the [county’s] total population of 1,481,093 has received at least one dose” of vaccine. Among the population ages 18 and up, 70.1 percent have received at least one dose. These figures are presented by the department on its COVID-19 website. Also, last week brought the 600,000th ... by Karl Grossman

Community News for June 24, 2021

East End Fireworks on the Horizon During the months when planning took place, COVID restrictions ... 21 Jun 2021 by My27east

Spettell Named Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation Volunteer of the Month

The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation, 102 Old Riverhead Road West in Hampton Bays, has announced ... by My27east

School News for June 24, 2021

Students Design Memorial Bridgehampton School Future Farmers of America club members helped to design a ... by My27east

(Almost) On the Road Again

A couple of weeks ago, I drove out to Montauk Point to attend an event at the lighthouse. (It was with great pleasure that I wrote the previous sentence, after being unable to do so for too long.) Bill Akin was presenting his new book, “The Golden Age of Montauk Sportfishing.” As the title indicates, it is the story of the decades in the 20th century when Montauk was arguably the fishing capital of the world, told in the words of legendary captains such as Gus Pitts, Bob Tuma, Carl Forsberg and several others. Joining the talk with Bill was ... by Tom Clavin

VIEWPOINT: Tolerance: The Aftermath

By Shari Adler In my youth, I experienced life in the environment of a New England small town, where Fair Isle sweaters coordinated with some iteration of plaid dominating the dress of the fall and winter months. Many people mirrored the appearance of their neighbors. Sitcoms substantiated a mocked reality of the appearance of a monolithic existence. I recall passionately held political debates permeating holiday dinner discussions between my father and my aunt. Republican versus Democratic perspectives are vivid in my memory, but so is the decency with which these opposing viewpoints were portrayed. Even as an awed adolescent, I ... 15 Jun 2021 by By Shari Adler

Father’s Day

When I got back from the field, the new guy was gone. He’d been gung-ho, a hard worker. He was young, with some farm experience and aptitude. But he did not grow up on a farm, and so his regard for the equipment we use around a farm was never where it should have been. We were persistent in our criticism and withheld trust. My father taught me, with a certain degree of brutality, how serious modern agriculture is. Breakdowns due to human error were inexcusable. All of us were taught to drive potato trucks by my father. We had ... by Marilee Foster

Backyard Pleasures

No, I’m not growing marijuana — but I’m gardening in pots on my deck. It is fun and affordable. It is also easy on the back when you don’t have to bend over too much or perch on your knees. In France and Italy, they have flowers and herbs stuffed into a variety of pots. I am continuing that tradition on my deck in Southampton. Perennial herbs are coming up — chives, with their purple edible flowers, ubiquitous mint that could take over the world, and sage. Even my rosemary has survived the winter, with healthy, delicate blue flowers announcing ... 14 Jun 2021 by Joanne Pateman

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