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Said, Not Said

The debate last Wednesday was notable for some of the things that were said by Josh Belury and some of the things that were not said by Ed Simioni.

Josh Belury stated unequivocally that the village did not need a sewer system. He rambled about some other solution that would put the village at greater risk of polluting the environment and Lake Agawam. We have done our due diligence with professional engineers who specialize in East End sewer systems and have come to the conclusion that a sewer system is the only solution for the village. With professional assistance, a sophisticated map and plan for a sewer system in the central business district has been developed. Josh has no such professional credentials and is only stating his belief to accommodate a political agenda. Not showing signs of being a responsible trustee.

I think you should ask what Ed Simioni delivered after all his years on the Planning Commission concerning affordable housing and a sewer system. (Or was it because he missed 60 percent of the meetings that nothing was accomplished in these areas?)

Ed Simioni was silent on our zoning changes, after having criticized them at our public hearing on April 11. He has always been against any restrictions or increased setbacks from neighbors. This is symptomatic of his support for overdevelopment. His tenure on the Planning Commission is notable for two things: his poor attendance record, and his opposition to any zoning changes that would control overdevelopment and ruin the quaintness and historical character of our village. The zoning changes we enacted were fully vetted by the public in the Comprehensive Master Plan process two years ago and at the public hearings.

Pond Lane. Rumors are circulating that there are plans to vote on closing the road after the election. That is what they are, rumors. There are no plans in front of this board. Original plans presented have been withdrawn. This board’s priority is to clean up Lake Agawam by swapping Doscher Park for larger park space in order to have a location for the algae harvester. Because the town controls the Community Preservation Fund, which will be used for financing, we have to wait for them. We cannot and do not have any plans beyond getting the harvesters in place. The health of Lake Agawam is the priority.

Being a responsible trustee is more than making politically motivated statements, or avoiding issues because of your ties to developers.

Gina S. Arresta

Southampton Village Trustee