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Save Moses Park

A recent meeting with Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman confirms that the town wants to build a formal sports center in Moses Park that will include two tennis and bocce courts. Why?

In the peaceful environmental park, one can see, every day, all sorts of birds, and wild turkeys taking care of their young. Doesn’t this typify the natural beauty of the East End and why so many people wish to visit?

Do we need to have a developed sports center to mimic suburbia? The town already provided that need with SYS, which offers tennis, bocce and much more. Don’t local neighborhoods count? Is the town trying to attract more people to abuse our already overcrowded village roads?

The beauty of our village is the historic environment that surrounds each neighborhood. Developers who wish to insert their idea of what our village should be have completely ignored what residents value. One project, such as a sports center, will signal the beginning of the developmental creep, which will invade your neighborhood and mine.

Who really benefits?

Jacqueline Sammarco Scerbinski

Southampton Village