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School Partners

This year, the Southampton School District is launching a committee with a goal of strengthening the partnership between the schools and Southampton community.

As part of the School/Community Partnership Committee, it is my intent to investigate ideas and opportunities to benefit our students and our community. Plans such as:

• Reinstating a vibrant adult education program that provides instruction and training for adult community members in various areas of interest during the evening.

• Exploration of partnerships between local businesses and the schools to provide training, internships and employment in various areas for students to benefit business owners and young adults.

• Coordinating activities and obtaining funding for local artisans to work with students in creating and displaying art pieces throughout the district buildings and campuses that celebrate culture, tradition and local history.

• Identifying necessary community service projects for our students to get involved in that benefit the local community’s needs.

• Facilitating job fairs that match local employers’ needs with the skills of current and former students to help fill the vacancies that exist during the busy summer season.

• Creating family educational activities for 2-to-4-year-old future Southampton students that will initiate a relationship with the school district and acclimate students to the school environment.

• Determining other opportunities and creating partnerships for the mutual benefit of students and the Southampton community.

If you are interested in participating in the exciting discussion, please contact Amy Pierson, Southampton district clerk, at Our first of four forums for the school year will take place in early November, and details will be sent to those who respond.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. As this is a new venture for the district, if you are unable to join us, please pass this on to others who may be interested.

Nicholas J. Dyno, Ed.D.


Southampton School District