Second Female Sergeant Sues Southampton Town, Police Officials, Alleging Discrimination - 27 East

Second Female Sergeant Sues Southampton Town, Police Officials, Alleging Discrimination

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author on Mar 4, 2015
A second female officer in the Southampton Town Police Department has taken the town and department brass to court, alleging that she has been retaliated against for speaking with internal... more

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It is very heartening to read that Sag Harbor Village is seriously contemplating a partial ban on gas-fired leaf blowers [“Village Considers a Leaf Blower Ban,” January 16]. In addition to their assault on the rights of residents for peace and quiet in their own homes, and the issue of noise pollution, leaf blowers are very damaging to our environment in numerous ways. According to the Sierra Club, gas leaf blowers disrupt the ecology of your property and all of its species by kicking up fungal spores, insect eggs, mold, animal excrement, fertilizer and heavy metals. This can have family ... by Staff Writer

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Dr. David Posnett’s informative letter about House of Representative bill HR3 [“Choosing Sides,” Letters, January 9] details key elements of Congress’s promise to establish a consumer- and patient-friendly drug price negotiation system. Dr. Posnett aptly captures the gist of the matter in several paragraphs. My prime takeaway: If the Veterans Administration can negotiate drug prices, why not the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services? High-quality and lower-cost drugs makes sense for all of us. As Dr. Posnett points out, Congressman Lee Zeldin repeats the canard that “these policies would siphon $1 trillion from biopharmaceutical innovators over the next 10 years.” ... by Staff Writer

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I love history. There’s much in the patterns of human behavior that are repeated by our species throughout the millennia. Books provide us with the opportunity to learn from the lives of others. For instance, had the Inca possessed writing and libraries, Atahualpa, king of the defunct and disappeared Inca Empire, might have known not to trust the Spanish when they invited him to a party, where they killed him. We have writing and libraries, yet our species continues to repeat our historical mistakes countless times. In contemporary times, we have Donald Trump, the current occupant of the White House, ... by Staff Writer

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