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Seek To Understand

Whatever happens with this Marsden vote, I’ll be happy to move on. Did we forget that it’s okay to disagree without being disagreeable?

Running our schools is a complex endeavor. The board members are volunteers. They spent countless (thankless) hours in meetings, reading reports, hearing reports and synthesizing a large volume of information to help prioritize the needs of our school system.

The meetings are public. Anyone can attend and be heard. If someone is passionate about a need they perceive is not being met, they can get involved on one of the many board committees: wellness, finance, facilities planning, to name a few.

Seek to understand and lend a hand. If you know the context of decisions, there is less conjecture.

Any adult who is 18 years old (in the hosting district) can run to serve on the School Board. The fact that three board seats are filled by candidates running unopposed says a lot.

It’s very easy to make noise on social media. Our schools require committed individuals who show up daily to address all of its needs — the immediate and the foreseeable future. Let’s all work toward solutions together. Let’s appreciate the efforts of our school boards, committees and administrators.

If you don’t agree, please be respectful and courteous, and consider volunteering. We are setting an example for the next generation. They are the future of this community.

Kelly C. Dodds

Sag Harbor