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Self-Serving Drivel

In what amounts to no more than stupid, self-serving slurs, Mr. Daly has made it his mission to accuse the opponents of Mr. Fasano’s dream — which would further burden taxpayers and County Rd 39 — of “racism,” bigotry, entitlement, class arrogance, temporary insanity and, lastly, out-and-out “psychosis,” which he feels equipped to diagnosis because he “worked in the field of mental health for years” — and “I know psychosis when I see it.”

He has also “seen” this same psychosis in “people who are in the midst of divorce,” as well as in the middle of real estate transactions (among other of life’s quotidian crises). Psychosis, as defined by Mr. Daly: These people “just lose their minds and behave in thoroughly unproductive and unflattering ways.”

Mr. Daly’s blurring of real estate and life as he experiences it is perhaps best exemplified by the fact that instead of simply holding an open house to show property that is for sale, he takes “staging” to an obscenely literal level by running theatrical events on the premises.

As one who has “worked in the field” of language for years, I recognize a Johnny-come-lately, auto-didactic flack when I read one. His logic is tautological and his self-referential writing betrays him at every turn-of-phrase. He sounds like one confused dude to me.

I make no claim to having worked in the mental health field, but, in my layman’s opinion, The Press needs its head examined for publishing his drivel.

As for his thumbnail Wikipedia-esque history of “public housing” and his comparison of it to “affordable housing,” it is superficial and worthless. Who, other than he, is conflating the two? He is floating a red herring in order to frame the arguments of his opponents, who have considered and rational objections to yet another inappropriate development, as well as to slander them.

Frances GenoveseSouthampton


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