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Send A Signal

To the voters of Long Island in Congressional District 1:

We all know that Lee Zeldin is an acolyte and pandering sycophant of our present president. He has never taken issue with one pronouncement, exaggeration or outright prevarication uttered by our leader.

Sending Lee Zeldin down to Washington, D.C., would be an affirmation of all that Donald J. Trump has done or said in the last four years, but, more seriously, it is a vote for the party, the Republican Party, that passed the last federal income tax reform bill.

In case some may still not have gotten the word, this bill forces you to pay taxes on the money that you are already paying taxes on by limiting the amount that you can deduct for all your state and local taxes, especially real estate tax.

This precedent-setting law has penalized us homeowners on both U.S. coasts, as we all dwell in states that provide a vast array of social services and, by virtue of the fact that we are densely populated, that leverages our expenses totally out of proportion to thinly populated areas in the Midwest to far West.

For our own peace of mind, we have to, repeat, have to avoid sending any signal to Republican congressmen that this is in any way correct and acceptable.

We simply must vote for Nancy Goroff — she has 10 times the intellectual power of Zeldin and will fight to re-establish our tax reduction.

Further, she will also help to establish single-payer universal health insurance and much less expensive career training, be it for learning a trade or becoming a medical doctor.

Mull your choice carefully and do not vote emotionally but cool and calculatedly in deciding who shall hold your future in their hands.

Jim McFarlane

Southampton Village


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