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Senior Center Plan?

In 2014, the East Hampton Senior Services Committee issued its final report to the East Hampton Town Board. As a person who qualifies as a senior citizen, I was interested in the committee’s recommendations regarding the creation of a new senior center that would meet the needs of a growing population of older adults who plan to age in place.

Three members of that committee shared their opinions about their dissatisfaction with the progress, or lack thereof, that has occurred over the last seven years. They were frustrated that after meeting twice a month for a year, so little has been done by this board to improve the situation for our seniors.

Why have seven years passed so fruitlessly? We still don’t have an acceptable site or final plans for what it will look like. What programs will be housed there? At this rate of progress, many of our seniors will have to move away to enjoy the programs they need as they grow older. Some of us may age out before our senior center is completed and available for our use.

Has the former Child Development Center of the Hamptons building in the Stephen Hands Path Park been ruled out as a possible site?

George Aman, Ph.D

East Hampton

Mr. Aman is a candidate for East Hampton Town Board — Ed.