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Setting The Record Straight

Setting The Record Straight

As a Southampton Village trustee and official liaison to the police, it is important for me to show unity and leadership on behalf of the village. I want to set the record straight on my vote with regard to the chief’s contract.

I abstained merely because it gave me the ability to continue working toward finding new and innovative ways to complete negotiations. I have done my homework and felt this was the best course to take. One of the guiding forces with my decision is if I voted not to renew the contract, it would have diminished my ability to later counter and potentially use some of the issues in the previous contract to leverage a new contract. I believe it would look hypocritical if I voted no on something and then went back to that same contract to approve a new contract. I am happy to talk individually with anyone who has comments or concerns with regard to the contract.

While I was in the process of explaining my vote at last Thursday’s meeting, Mayor Warren also decided to partake in making slanderous accusations about me with the intention of influencing my vote. I will not be cross examined like a criminal by someone who has no law degree. If you have a problem with me or the way I govern, Mayor Warren, bring me to court and address me in the proper jurisdiction. Don’t make a mockery out of our village board meetings by holding a kangaroo court.

Anyone who knows me knows I love my village and only want it to operate efficiently and effectively. I swore an oath that I would vote my conscience and do what I feel is right and in the best interest of our village. We all may have different opinions and ways to get our desired results, but we need to work together to achieve success.

Southampton Village needs leaders who understand government and how to negotiate with unions and work together to accomplish our shared goals. That said, let’s work together and take this negative and turn it around into something positive. Thank you for your continued support, and let’s continue working to make our village stronger than ever.

Joseph McLoughlin


Southampton Village


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