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Shadow Government

Who is Dane Neller, and why is Mayor Jesse Warren allowing him so much influence in Southampton Village government?

1. Dane Neller was appointed to the Budget and Finance Committee in July 2020 by Mayor Warren.

2. In August 2020, Dane Neller presented an amateurish and misleading confidential presentation to the Budget and Finance Committee and a village trustee, regarding the village’s debt, which was subsequently used in public attack ads during the recent election for village trustees.

3. Dane Neller was at the September 2020 meeting where Mayor Warren asked for former Village Administrator Russel Kratoville’s resignation, despite not being a village employee or legal counsel.

4. Dane Neller is registered to vote in Southampton Village at a property owned by Teresa Melhado, who was just appointed to the Ethics Committee in October 2020 by Mayor Warren.

5. The mayor’s newly hired assistant, Miranda Weber, is the daughter of a friend of Dane Neller’s.

It is worth noting, Mayor Warren was asked by Trustee Andrew Pilaro at the most recent Board of Trustees meeting why the expression of interest from Ms. Weber regarding the mayor’s assistant position was addressed to both the mayor and Dane Neller, and the mayor merely offered that Mr. Neller “helps him,” rather than publicly disclosing any connection between Mr. Neller and Ms. Weber.

It would appear that Mayor Warren “helps” Dane Neller as well.

Folks, this is what cronyism by an unelected shadow government looks like. Don’t stand for it. This is our village. Let’s take it back.

Rob Allan

Southampton Village


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