Shameful - 27 East


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Shame, shame, shame on the Southampton Town officials who cannot make the correct and responsible decision for the people they represent [“Art Market Hamptons In Bridgehampton: Not Approved, But Not Denied,”, June 8].

It is horrible living for seven weeks of the summer with nonstop work from 6:30 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week, loud machinery, bright lights and, of course, the diesel generators roaring directly across the street from one’s home.

What would constitute an acceptable build on the Corwith Avenue Bridgehampton Hamlet Fields heritage resource property?

I appreciate what other neighbors have written to The Press, as well as Miles Jaffe’s initiative in collecting signatures requesting a denial to the Art Fair and asking the property be purchased by the town and restored to a farm field — a 366-year-old farmed-only field of amazing soil, which now has a semi-permanent road laid down on it.

Even before Art Market Hamptons became the behemoth of its past three to five events, calls to complain about this, parties at the Community House, and other ridiculously loud and late-night parties (everyone remembers Madonna’s 60th birthday, which blanketed the area for about five miles around her house, including our neighborhood) were answered with: “Oh, they have a special permit.”

What about our special permit as residents and taxpayers?

Hélène Mókus de Barcza