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Shameful Behavior

I’m not sure why your editorial “We Mark Our Ballot” [June 10] states that “fingers point both ways” in terms of negative campaigning in the Southampton Village mayoral election, when I’ve only seen the attacks against Mayor Jesse Warren. In the past month, I have received several anonymous letters and calls as a result of my support of the mayor, in addition to many postcards and other hateful mailings. As a single woman, I am truly frightened as a result.

The postcard that was sent, a photoshopped picture of Jesse with a local gallery owner/artist, was racist in every way, and the advertisement that you published three times featuring Trustee Gina Arresta drawn with large breasts and other exaggerated features is misogynist and should not have been accepted by The Press.

I am sickened by all of the police yard signs, as everyone here supports the police, and it is divisive to say otherwise, and I am appalled how you have covered the election and have enabled our village, our home, to be a stressful place.

Shame on The Press’s owners, publishers and editors.

Martha Brown

Southampton Village