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She Always Held Home in Her Heart

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Bonnie Lowe Wingate Jackson at home in Sag Harbor.   NANCY REMKUS

Bonnie Lowe Wingate Jackson at home in Sag Harbor. NANCY REMKUS

Nancy Remkus on Oct 19, 2021
“If you go anywhere, even paradise, you will miss your home.” — Malala Yousafzai I’m not sure how it happens, but there are some people whom everyone knows and who... more

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Can’t Harvest It All

Here we are again, going into the shortest days with seed catalogs arriving and the beginning fantasy of spring. This, while we are still deep in this season. We’re still shoveling potatoes out of storage, still pulling carrots, cutting cabbage, cauliflower and kale. Brassicas show up on the menus of Ancient Greeks, but our consumption of kale probably predates civilization and may well have eclipsed it, too. It’s a big family of leafy greens that is as nutritious as it is versatile. Whereas something like a tomato is a haughty and demanding crop, the brassicas are conciliatory and try hard ... 7 Dec 2021 by Marilee Foster

VIEWPOINT: To Tell The Truth? That’s Open To Interpretation

There are quite a few synonyms for the word “interpretation.” All of them are used to explain an understanding of something, so that’s why everyone has a different way of making sense of written or spoken words, sentences, expressions, circumstances, facts. If a child does something and then makes an effort to convince everybody that he didn’t do it, he only makes us smile. The tangible proof of his guilt is visible on his face and his hands, but instead of being angry at his behavior, we silently agree with him — and we are proud that he is so ... 6 Dec 2021 by Ryszard Krasowski

‘Get Out Of The Way’

The move referred to repeatedly as a “solar tax” by speakers at Long Island Power Authority public hearings last week was lambasted by them. The New York State Public Service Commission earlier this year began seeking a new charge for those who install solar panels after January 1, 2022. They would have to pay a monthly charge of between $5 and $10 per month depending on the size of their solar installations. The PSC has termed the charge a “customer benefit contribution,” or CBC. LIPA, in a “Customer Benefit Fact Sheet” it has posted online, says that “LIPA’s staff supports ... by Karl Grossman

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy

There is a part of me that is seriously considering a news boycott. I can’t stop things from happening, but I don’t have to know about them right away, or maybe at all. Such a boycott would bother me a lot, because there remains ink in my veins, and reporting and writing about news events have comprised a big part of my life. I embrace being informed. But lately, it’s been like the line the sheriff, Ed Tom Bell (played by Tommy Lee Jones), utters in “No Country for Old Men”: “I feel overmatched.” Maybe the problem is how disheartening ... by Tom Clavin

Vee and Bruce Bennett: A Sag Harbor Love Story

“The bad news is, time flies. The good news is, you’re the pilot.” — Michael ... by NANCY REMKUS

Community News, December 9

EAST HAMPTON TOWN Free Vaccines Available Two more COVID-19 vaccine clinics are planned in East ... by Staff Writer

The Sand Plan

With the Fire Island to Montauk Point, or FIMP, project of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to be restarted in 2023, and it being what Kevin McAllister, president of the organization Defend H20, describes as now largely a “sand plan” — to dump sand along the 83 miles of the Suffolk County oceanfront — it would be instructive to consider the situation in another region. I began writing about the Army Corps’s FIMP plan when I started as a reporter in Suffolk County in 1962. Then, what was a new scheme also involved sand dumping. But a key feature ... 3 Dec 2021 by Karl Grossman

Candles, Lists And PC

I saw a friend from my old neighborhood at the supermarket recently. She had that harried look of someone who barely had time to complete a sentence. She yelled across the aisle, “Let’s do lunch soon!” “Definitely. After Christmas.” She laughed appreciatively and gave me two thumbs up. I added our date to my PC (post-Christmas) calendar, along with a museum visit, coffee with a college friend, and dinner with former work colleagues who, like me, are retired yet so damn busy. The length of my Christmas to-dos would rival any 6-year-old’s toy list. Making lists makes me feel organized. ... 2 Dec 2021 by Denise Gray Meehan

Danger Beyond Whales

Crewmen on whaling ships faced extreme hazards. Enraged whales capsized and sank the boats that pursued them. A fall from high masts of a sailing vessel caused serious injury or death. Heavy, sharp iron tools used to butcher a captured whale could inflict serious wounds. Heavy gales created giant waves that swept crewmen overboard. Fortunately somewhat rare, but not unheard of, was danger from hostile natives when the ship stopped at a remote island to replenish food and water. James A. Hamilton, master of the whaling bark Prudence, was involved in such an incident and wrote about it. Hamilton related ... by Jim Marquardt

A Day At The Beach

The child is ahead of her adult companions, and as she stands alone at the edge of the pavement, she reprimands the older, presumably wiser members of her beach party. “See!” she shouts. “I told you I should have brought my swimming suit!” She is pointing out over the calm water, her desire weighing only one factor, the ease with which someone her size could safely enter the flat sea. She has not tested the temperature. Indeed, a man with a separate group has just emerged from his Thanksgiving plunge. He is unhurriedly toweling off and teasing his dry family ... 1 Dec 2021 by Marilee Foster

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