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She Has My Vote

I am supporting Bridget Fleming for Congress for many reasons, foremost of which is her considerable experience in government.

She has been in office for more than a decade now. Being in government as a councilwoman and county legislator has given her the necessary experience as a policymaker and administrator.

During her time in office, Newsday called her one of the county’s most active and effective legislators. Just recently, she, among others, brought $1 million for the Coastal Resiliency Project, which will help protect the Suffolk County shoreline from erosion. Her efforts have brought jobs to our county, improved our environment, made us healthier. In an attempt to battle the opioid epidemic, she arranged for and participated in Narcan trainings across Long Island.

My second reason is character. Bridget defines herself by her humanistic values. As a legislator, she has been dedicated to her constituents. She can connect to the values of others, but without being judgmental, and then working to find solutions.

A case in point is when she was running for Congress in 2020. During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bridget worked 24/7 helping to equip hospitals, doctors, and the public with masks and vaccinations.

Bridget Fleming has been a public servant in deed and spirit. She is knowledgeable, she is genuine, and she is compassionate. She will be a champion for all Long Islanders in Congress.

The latest political event of Kara Hahn and Jackie Gordon withdrawing from the race and competing from a different congressional district, respectively, leaves Bridget’s path to the November elections clear — but that also means the necessity to prepare hard for November. The new redistricting map might favor her marginally over the Republican candidate. But that still means we can leave no stone unturned.

I urge you to vote for her in the Democratic primary and in November.

Shivaji Sengupta