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She’ll Win Again

With the primary elections this week in Suffolk County, I was shocked to discover our congressman, Lee Zeldin, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, attending Donald Trump’s speech. I didn’t know he was going. I saw him there suddenly as the president called his name out.

Now, this is a man who has done precious little for us in the last two years. Previously, he used to at least look for photo ops whenever something important happened here. But now he is entirely missing from the island, even as local legislators like Bridget Fleming are working day and night trying to protect their constituents — us — from COVID-19.

Because Zeldin is unopposed in the Republican primary, he doesn’t feel he needs to be around, even as his constituents need him to get them jobs, clean up the environment. What does this say about his interest in us? It says he is not interested! He is interested in getting pats on the back by Donald Trump, his boss.

Instead of carrying out the very important role we entrusted him with, to ensure that our president does not do whatever he wishes, endangering American lives, he let’s the president call the shots. Like a pet monkey, Lee obeys.

We’ve had enough.

Let’s elect Bridget Fleming to be Lee Zeldin’s challenger. She will beat him in November. She is the only one of the four Democrats contesting the primary who has legislative experience. Unlike the other three, Fleming has actually won elections, has beaten Republicans before.

This November, she will beat another one. If given the opportunity to debate him, she will jump all over the incumbent’s distortions and lies.

Bridget will beat Lee Zeldin!

Shivaji Sengupta



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