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Shocking Dismissal

Matko Tomicic, executive director of LongHouse Reserve, was dismissed from his position without notice from the board of directors on Saturday, September 4, of Labor Day weekend for no reason other than the board wanted more control. The whole staff walked off their jobs immediately for two days in protest.

I have known Matko for over 30 years and have followed his career. I want to comment on his integrity, goodness and work ethic.

I met Matko when he first came to the United States. I knew him when he assisted Henry Geldzahler, the art curator and New York commissioner of cultural affairs. And I remember when he started to work and help create the vision Jack Lenor Larsen had for LongHouse. LongHouse would not be what it is today if Matko was not there to manifest Jack’s vision, along with the incredible staff.

Matko is the heart and soul of LongHouse and has dedicated his many years of service to keeping that vision alive before and after Jack’s passing in December 2020. What I have seen is that he worked 24/7 and gave everything to keeping LongHouse going. Not only is he an excellent fundraiser, Matko is also kind and considerate to all who work and visit LongHouse. He is an asset that cannot be replaced.

I find it shocking, sad and morally wrong what the board has done by removing Matko Tomicic from LongHouse.

Joanne Kahn

Sag Harbor