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Show Respect

While it is lovely to see our community come alive with people walking and biking in our neighborhoods, frequenting shops and restaurants on Main Street, fishing, and lying about on beaches, what is not lovely is to see people not wearing masks and not social distancing. Groups of kids on bicycles weaving in and around the traffic circles. Couples with toddlers in tow. Clusters of teenagers on the sidewalks. Foursomes on the golf course.

There is no common sense in play or respect and regard shown for others. I wear a mask to protect others from me; others should be wearing a mask to protect me from them.

Will you show respect at my memorial service when I have fallen to COVID-19 because of your thoughtless behavior? Keeping safe and staying healthy during these difficult times is the moral responsibility of everyone. COVID-19 remains a public health threat, and we must maximize safety and social distancing.

Barbara Stanat



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