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Shut It Down

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman is fooling himself — or, worse, trying to fool us — if he thinks encouraging more varied flight paths in and out of the East Hampton Airport is going to solve the noise problems that have developed in recent years [“New Flight Route, Intended To Ease Noise Impacts, Brings New Outrage From Sag Harbor Area,”, June 16].

A switch to supposed “all water” routes have shown us that there simply isn’t enough land mass on the East End of Long Island to support what the airport has become. Any path into or out of KHTO is going to ruin the quality of life for people along that path.

There is only one solution — and that is to close the airport. Saving a few hours of driving time for a handful of people is not worth the costs to the rest of us.

Shut it down and find a better use for the land, one that benefits all of the area’s residents and visitors.

Jim Stone

North Sea


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