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Sidewalk Subsidy

The most recent snowstorm is a reminder of the sketchy patchwork of business or property owners along Main Street and throughout the business district of Sag Harbor who take their responsibility in clearing the sidewalks in front of their businesses seriously.

By late Sunday afternoon, 24 hours after the storm had passed, there were still more than a few shops where a dozen or more inches of snow were congealing to form an impassible gauntlet of slush or ice, forcing pedestrians out into the street to navigate a river of snow melt before hopping back onto the relative safety of a shoveled island of sidewalk.

How much easier and safer would it be if the village would take the job on itself to make sure all the sidewalks in the business district were cleared, in much the same way it is done in East Hampton? This is something I believe could be subsidized in part by the business and property owners downtown, via a levy through a Business Improvement District, that would ensure sidewalks were cleared in a timely fashion, making it safer for pedestrians, and freeing business owners of a responsibility many don’t take seriously or are unable to successfully manage.

Bryan Boyhan

Sag Harbor