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Sidewalk to Nowhere

I have been recently apprised of the sidewalk project proposed for the west end of County Road 39 [“Sidewalk Construction Will Mean Regular Lane Closures for Two Years on County Road 39,”, March 8], with the tone-deaf plan to disrupt already chaotic traffic both eastbound and westbound for a period of two years.

Considering nothing less than the astounding traffic crisis that repeats itself every day — twice a day — the county, in its infinite wisdom, plans to spend nearly $10 million on the sidewalk to nowhere, inconveniencing 87,000 vehicles a day, creating a sidewalk that will be used by a few.

Hard to imagine that the Suffolk County Department of Public Works and County Legislator Bridget Fleming would not (1) first consult our local town engineer; (2) investigate overnight work that would alleviate any daytime congestion; and (3) consider using the funds to add more bus stops and shelters, and create carve-outs for buses, allowing better traffic flow.

Adding salt to the wound, they (the DPW) adds another incomprehensible project: Our county announced plans to create the same diabolical chaos on County Road 38 (North Sea Road) heading to Noyac with a simultaneous project.

These roadworks and the lack of consideration for the general public — specifically tradespeople who commute here, working people who can’t afford to live here and thousands of others — signal the epitome of deaf bureaucracy.

This needs better thinking.

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Chris Fiore


Village of North Haven