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Significant Danger

Republicans have grown accustomed to Democrat hysteria. We sit and listen to them conjure up endless nightmares depicting an America succumbing to global warming, white privilege, duplicitous relations with Vladimir Putin, too much self-created, individually controlled wealth, the myth of our police being racist as an institution, riot and looting are respectable manifestations of mass assembly to protest, and America itself is a threat to world peace and prosperity. Have I left anything out?

It’s not too difficult to understand why we Republicans can become somewhat callous to these rants. If one of us puts a sign up depicting the president with an assault weapon just to antagonize a self-righteous Progressive [“Disturbing Image,” Letters, September 3], try to grasp that hyperbole can cut both ways.

When James Ewing spends almost 400 words claiming global warming is a great danger but then foolishly made Lee Zeldin its cause [“We’ve Been Warned,” Letters,], it becomes just more of the same. Mr. Ewing, if Rep. Zeldin were to be unelected in November, it won’t change your December temperature one degree.

Joe Biden has awakened to the fact that nationwide rioting has taken a toll on his and all Democrat approval ratings. His too-little-too-late appeal for civility in our streets and newfound love for our police are a desperate attempt to put the genie of social disintegration back in the bottle.

The Democrat reaction over the claims from Republicans that mail-in voting will be rife with problems, and even fraud, is another example of them building a case for conspiracy out of thin air, much as they did with their Russian collusion investigation. Mailboxes are rotated out of service all the time. Overtime being pruned back is good business practice for a department losing billions of dollars every year.

Voter fraud is no myth. States with dirty voter rolls, in which there are more registered voters than citizens of voting age, would be ripe for such activity. Los Angeles was sued for just such an issue and forced to clean it up. Voter “harvesting” is a fraudulent way to have mail-in ballots filled out by someone else and then the signature of the voter added. This has and will be a significant danger to a legitimate election.

The counting of millions of mail-in ballots will probably take weeks, and be challenged for months. I’m not sure this country could take anymore anger and distrust.

Ed Surgan



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