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Silent Majority

In the 2016 election, the major media and most pollsters indicated that Hillary Clinton would win by a huge majority, and that Donald Trump didn’t have a chance. Was it “fake news” or wishful thinking? But, thank God, the well-informed “deplorable” Silent Majority showed up and voted.

We Conservatives don’t scream and throw rocks at the police. We quietly vote! (And we don’t want illegal immigrants to vote.)

Since Trump was elected, we have been subject to a lot of real “deplorable’’ behavior, primarily from Democrats. We endured a horrible, unjustified attempt to remove our president. For over three years, and wasting $30 million of taxpayer money, we saw Adam Schiff’s anger and mean disrespect for witnesses. Well, finally, we discovered that it was a complete hoax! And yet The New York Times and some reporters actually received Pulitzer Prizes for their monstrous lies!

As to the behavior of the leaders of the Democrat Party today, let us look to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She tore up the president’s required State of the Union speech as he spoke. She called COVID-19 “Trump’s virus”; she called federal agents who were sent to the totally out-of-control Democrat run city of Portland to save a Federal Courthouse from being destroyed by rioters “Stormtroopers”; and she just referred to U.S. Attorney General William Barr as a “Blob.” Quite a lady!

And New York U.S. Representative Jerry Nadler was an outrageously nasty congressional committee chairman interrogator. It was all nasty “talking” by other Democrats, instead of “listening” to the AG’s answers to their questions. What a way to treat our nation’s highest law enforcer.

But the way our Democrat mayors and governors allow thousands of protesters to gather, riot, loot, destroy property, and throw weapons at police — but keep churches closed — should tell us something about the Democrat Party of today.

I don’t think that Presidents Roosevelt, Truman or Kennedy would approve of such insane behavior! And neither would former House Speaker “Tip” O’Neill or New York Senator Patrick Moynihan. They were all examples of good Democrat leadership and nice guys.

In the 2020 election, I predict that the Silent Majority will really grow, including many Jews who have done well with capitalism and favor Israel, and many Black Americans — who realize that President Trump was more for jobs for them than Democrats have ever been, and those who understand that it is the “China Virus” that stopped the greatest economic surge in America in years — will mostly secretly also join us. They too are disgusted with Democrat behavior. Most people respect law and order and good behavior.

I rest my case.

Peter Cuthbert

East Moriches


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