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Sinister Step

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt enacted Social Security legislation to provide some retirement security to the elderly, the law mandated that working people would have a small percentage of their income withheld. Their employee would match that amount, and the monies would be sent to the federal government to be paid back to the retiree in the future.

Trump is proposing stopping those Social Security withdrawals with his proposed “payroll tax prohibition.” He does not mention where the money is to come from to fund a program that for nearly 100 years has helped the elderly with their expenses.

For years, the GOP has talked about ending Social Security. Now, Trump is putting in place the first step to killing a successful, but not perfect, program to help the elderly.

Everyone over 55 years of age should organize opposition to this sinister step. Make good trouble for your elected officials. Call U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin’s office and ask him how he stands on this issue.

Marlene Haresign

Water Mill


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