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Smaller Packages

Wind is perpetual on an island. I’ve wondered why the thought of making wind work for us properly was forgotten. It’s money, most likely. Just look at this deal East Hampton Town and the Trustees made with Ørsted.

Of course, I’ve pointed out that when they signed over rights, they aren’t going to have much of a say anymore. Seems like our dear Trustees are finding that out [“Trustees Say Ørsted ‘Reneging’ On Agreement For Wind Farm Lease,”, August 24]. Don’t expect certain platitudes to be respected.

Why not use vertical vented screws? Everyone would have had what looks like a chimney on their houses.

Why not wait for the proper development of bladeless technology? Renewable blades? Recyclable blades? Rush everything through, waste still around from the first 30 years and only 3 percent used globally.

This wonderful “green” project is projected to use more fossil fuels to construct than we would have used over the next 30 years if we did nothing.

Mining for rare earth metals?

Why not sunrise/sunset wind? Maybe three turbines at most, open to that specific time, and the blades fold down after use. Nope, could be too cost effective. We can’t have our cake and eat it too.

Have you seen the new container homes? With three solar panels and a small turbine? Cool for a starter for a single person trying to make it. Why not capitalize on people who want to be minimalist?

Keep the airport open as a Class C, and you can still use spots for potential solar panels with special film to not blind pilots. Also, remember, solar gets better if it has green grass underneath.

Why don’t we have solar panels on each telephone pole? We certainly have enough. We can’t bury the lines in most spots because of the water table. People forget this and don’t remember the extensive process to do so. We’d also need a compressor that would be running constantly.

We are still paying for a nuclear power plant on every one of our monthly electric bills. People forget, thorium would mean no water to cool. No explosion. Less waste.

We can’t have someone come up with some more hydroelectricity? We’re on an island, for crying out loud. Put some small turbines in the water lines. Hydroelectricity actually has risen 14.1 percent in the United States.

We live in a country that has lowered its emissions consistently for over a decade. Others must follow suit.

Sometimes the answers are better in smaller packages. We must be smart. Most won’t see the results of the actions they may hastily take today.

Joe Karpinski


Mr. Karpinski is a candidate for East Hampton Town Board on the Republican and Conservative lines — Ed.