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Sobering Lesson

The long campaign to undo the election of President Trump will play itself out these next two weeks as House Democrats preside over an impeachment inquiry in an attempt to sell a false narrative of abuse of office to the American public. This process has no legal component, because it will have no judge to assure the impartiality of its conduct. This will be a staged dramatic farce designed to ensnare the dimwitted and ignorant into believing the president is unfit for his job.

It will also be a rallying point for many components of our national media that have not been able to forgive themselves for giving Trump so much coverage that they got him elected. Donald Trump was unique as a candidate and got huge ratings and sold many papers. The media swallowed him whole and have had indigestion ever since.

Trump’s election threatened the established order of the status quo, which in this case was the Democratic deep state. It has been this Democrat establishment that has sought to use the cover of a scandal, real or imagined, to attack the Trump presidency while obscuring the political differences that are at stake. They seek to undermine the legitimacy of Trump, who was elected as a reformer, and thus nullifying the will of the people.

By resorting to impeachment by way of scandal, Democrats tacitly admit they no longer believe they are able to win politically.

Legally speaking, the impeachment of a president is a political matter. Political … and so is largely transparent in its motivation. If the behavior rises to a truly serious abuse of the office, its gravity will be apparent to all and should garner at very least moderate bipartisan support. That won’t happen.

After observing the opening act on day one of the inquiry, I observed government career bureaucrats defending their turf from the unwelcomed intrusion of the president, their boss, into the policy toward Ukraine. These unelected bureaucrats do not have to respect the changes elections bring to policy, because they still will be in place after the administration has left.

As we have seen, the State Department, CIA, FBI and other bureaucracies have been revealed as working to undermine the will of the American people by subverting their elected president. This should be a sobering lesson for all of us.

Ed Surgan



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