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Some Concerns

While I strongly support the volunteer ambulance corps, I am very concerned about the proposed ambulance building for North Sea Road.

The building is extremely large for the hamlet of North Sea. Visually, it will completely dominate the community.

The building and the areas that will be covered with concrete will reduce the number of trees and greatly limit the ability of the ground to absorb rainfall. In turn, this will increase the runoff into Little Fresh Pond, together with all the pollutants this brings — salt, oil, asphalt particulates, etc. The pond can ill afford further attacks of this sort.

Given the proximity of the existing facility to the proposed one, I question why the existing building could not be used for some portion of the ambulance core needs — perhaps administration, dormitory space, parking, etc. — so that new building footprint could be decreased proportionally.

Please consider whether there is not some other way to provide for the ambulance corps, without this monster building!

Barbara Marsh

North Sea


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